( Development, Consulting, Implementation, Support) All cloud computing services

Cloud Computing Foundation was founded in 2007, it focused on since its inception by providing The e-government programs and solutions of under the approval of Communications and Information Technology Commission of Saudi Arabia, and has implemented a project's, plans and consulting in this area.

In addition to develop solutions for e-learning and training on the international standards, building portals and dashboards, according to the latest technology, the development of decision support and management of massive data and analysis systems and exploration, providing ERP solutions of Personnel and Finance and warehouse systems, and the workflow of its work, and the development of project management applications.

  • E-government solutions, Portals, Dashboards.
  • Data-Warehousing & Data-Mining & Big Data Analytics.
  • E-Learning & E-Training Solutions.
  • Cloud Computing Solutions.
  • Mobile Applications.
  • Real-Time Application RTA.
  • Long Lived Applications.
  • Managing Cloud Computing Servers.

IACLOUD Services

Development sites and portals

We are developing websites and portals by the latest technologies and hosted on cloud computing such as ( Google - Amazon - Microsoft ).

Decision support systems and management and analysis of Big-Data

Development of decision support systems and management of massive data (Big-Data) and data analysis and exploration Data-Warehousing & Data-Mining.

Development E_learning and E-training solutions

Development e-learning & e-training solutions and applications on the latest international standards in this area like SCORM standards, development and building solutions for massive open online course (MOOC).

Development & Customize Open-Sources Solutions On Github

Development & Customize Open-Sources Solutions and share on Github with developers, and building systems and applications of open source and disseminated through Github.

Development mobile applications and solutions

Development mobile applications and solutions as Long Lived Applications, and publish them on stores (Apple, Google, microsoft, ... etc), and communicate data on servers through application program interface (APIs) services.

Development real-time application (RTA)

Development applications and solutions for real-time application (RTA), which provides several services such as (Videoconference applications, VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol), Online gaming, Community storage solutions, Some e-commerce transactions, Chatting, Notifications, IM (instant messaging)).

Development & Customize cloud computing services

Development & Customize all cloud computing services, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Design and Media services

Provide All design and production services of artwork (logos - Directed brochures - video production - websites design - identity design - broadcast through the Internet - 3D design ).

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